Threshold Education - Group Tuition

Group Tuition

Threshold Education offers group tuition, where one tutor typically gives a lesson to a number of students that usually varies between two and ten students. 

We work to pair tutors, specifically selected for their ability to make lessons enjoyable and interactive, with small groups of students that can develop their listening skills, fostering independence and co-learning, as well as collaboration. 


We call this the 'Trust Circle', denoting the very important element of private tuition that is often missing these days: putting parents' minds at ease, knowing that their children are getting the best tuition available. Additionally, parents can rest well in referring our fantastic tutors to friends and family, expanding their Trust Circle and developing a real educational community.

Our Trust Circle feature ensures that children have a sociable learning experience, as the risk of missing out on building friendships and learning to learn together has increased due to the quarantine and subsequent school closures. Threshold stands ready to provide this is an even more intimate and enjoyable learning environment.

Group classes are currently being offered in the following subjects and levels:

  • 11+ preparation (Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning)

  • GCSE English, Maths, and Science

  • 13+ English, Maths, Science, History, French, and Spanish

Group classes are a more affordable option for many families, allowing you to access the benefits of a personal tutor without the cost of one-to-one lessons.


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