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Humanities tuition


Our humanities tuition covers humanities and social science subjects at all levels. Whether your child is still in primary school or you’ve reached degree level in a humanities subject, our experienced tutors can help.

We pair our students with the tutor most compatible with them. Everything from the student’s learning goals and the tutor’s area of expertise is taken into account.

Humanities tutoring at all levels

We offer humanities tuition at all stages of education. 

From the 11 plus to university-level coursework, our humanities tutors can help your child work through complex content or provide you with some helpful extra tuition for your degree.

Exams we frequently help with include:

You can access tuition in the following subjects:

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • History

  • Geography

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Politics

  • Religious Studies/Theology

  • Sociology

Religious Studies tutoring

Our tutors cover a wide range of religions, from Buddhism to Hinduism, at A-level and GCSE. Every tutor has a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus. Get in touch about our Religious Studies tutoring.

History tutoring

Whether your child needs to revise the Tudors for their History GCSE or The Cold War for their History A-level, get in touch about our History tutoring.

Philosophy tutoring

With Philosophy degrees from Oxbridge and Russell Group equivalent universities, our tutors know their Descartes from their Kant. Get in touch about our Philosophy tutoring.

We can also help university students with degrees such as Anthropology, Law, and any other social science or arts subject. If a humanities subject you’re interested in is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.



Our tutors

From GCSE History tutors and (i)GCSE Religious Studies tutors to A-level History tutors and Philosophy tutors for online sessions, we’ll have the perfect humanities tutor for you in our network


Below are profiles of just a few of our humanities tutors in London and online.

Elizabeth E

Elizabeth E Photo.jpg

University of York: PhD Politics (1st) (2003)

University of Birmingham: MA Media Studies (distinction) (1996)

University of York: BA English Literature (1991)

Over twenty-four years, I have taught at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, winning numerous awards. I have taught everything from Key Stage 1 to postdoctoral level and adult learning. I am an academic researcher and education and policy consultant by trade, specialising in ways to utilise teaching scenarios to build confidence in individuals and groups, to help people believe in themselves, and to support communities in their education journeys.

I'm grateful to have a gift for helping people believe in themselves and their work, and I teach methodologies for coping with study stress and ensuring a work-life balance when learning. I've worked with all ages and backgrounds, and always help others excel beyond their wildest dreams, having coached numerous individuals from disadvantaged or medically problematic backgrounds into magnificent positions at Oxbridge and Ivy League universities, and in the private sector.

"I cannot thank you enough for all the inspiration you gave me, and all the tips on how to prioritise my learning, and to keep it bite-size. The little tricks of the trade you taught me to keep nerves at bay were awesome - I still use them! You're not just a teacher, you're a life coach!"
A Level student

Gary C

Gary C Pic.jpg

University of Warwick: MSc Economics (1998)

University of Derby: Certificate in Professional Practice in Higher Education (1996)

Manchester Business School: PhD Industrial Economics (1993); Diploma in Business Administration (1984)

University of Leeds: BA German/Management Studies (1st) (1983)

I have 30 years experience teaching in Higher Education and have tutored thousands of students from GCSE level to PhD students in Economics and Business Administration. I am retired from full-time academic life, but remain very active. Having risen to a senior level in university management, where I was responsible for admissions decisions at the University of Liverpool, I am very happy to return to teaching, which I am passionate about.

There are two key pillars of my approach. The first is that I set no false limits to what can be achieved. Our ability is not fixed; like our physical fitness, we can improve how well our brain works through practice. The second is that everyone is an individual, so I focus on what each person needs and what helps them to learn more effectively. I have vast experience of supporting students at all levels from GCSE up to PhD. I am very patient and build people's abilities and their self-confidence.

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