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Online Tuition UK

Online tutoring services specifically tailored for our student's unique needs

Online Tutoring Services by Threshold Education

There are many ways in which parents invest in the future of their children. One of the most important investments that can be made for a child will always be in terms of their education, as it will have a tremendous impact on their lives and their future.

At Threshold Education, we understand that students learn in different ways. It's simply not realistic to expect traditional methodologies to work for each child. Despite mainstream schooling’s best efforts, they tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t have the time to cater to each student’s learning style.

In our experience, personalised tutoring with experienced teachers can make all the difference. One-on-one, tailored online tutoring services provide students with focused support in the areas they need the most, helping them gain confidence in their abilities and reach their potential.

As most high school students finished the school year via online lectures and lessons, many parents have realised that investing in online tutoring services is a reliable way to continue their children’s education and ensure they’re getting all the support they need. At Threshold Education, we offer online tutoring services for families in the UK and beyond.

What Are The Benefits of Online Tuition?

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Online tutoring is a convenient way for students to get tailored education.

While tutoring provides a personalised approach to expanding a student’s skill set, online tutoring services offer all the same benefits as the cost-effective, Covid-friendly, and flexible option.

There are even tools available in online tutoring services that make it preferential for students over face-to-face teaching. For instance, interactive whiteboards and GoogleDocs allow both teachers and students to write and edit at the same time, making communication easier than ever before. Furthermore, younger students, in particular, really love interacting with the technology involved with this method of teaching!

Our tutors have extensive experience delivering online lessons and are thoroughly vetted by our team in the interview process. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about their subject, but they’ll also use the best tools and techniques to help your child get the most out of each and every lesson.

Is Online Tutoring the Right Choice for Children?

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Structured education can be a powerful tool and dynamic addition to a child’s educational and academic progress. However, traditional tutoring has its limitations. There are only so many slots a week for those who can physically meet up with their tutors or lecturers.

Online tutoring services by Threshold Education takes the hassle out of extra support. Life can be chaotic — right now especially! Online tutoring means you can schedule your child’s tutoring sessions for your convenience. Since the virtual environment provides more availability than traditional tutoring, you’ll never need to rush your child to a lesson again.

Face-to-face teaching can make students feel anxious or under pressure. But as most students enjoy using technology, online learning is often the most comfortable way to interact with a tutor.

Why Choose Online Tutoring Services with Threshold Education?

Our online tutoring services aim to provide parents with enough flexibility so that they can choose the time that works best for their children and for their busy schedules.

Our value proposition is based on three main principles:


We offer you the opportunity to schedule classes whenever it best suits you. Our tutors will continue working with your child irrespective of whether you change locations


Our lessons strive to be engaging and fun. The current global situation has allowed us to get the most out of our technology, enhancing the way we interact with students.

Proven track record

All our tutors have at least 2 years of tutoring experience and a degree from a top university. We conduct thorough interviews and require potential tutors to pass stringent criteria.

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How Much do Online Tuition Services Cost?

Our online tutoring services will vary in price depending on how experienced the tutor is. Our prices start from £40/hour for one-to-one tuition, but we’ve found that discussing your child’s needs will help us tailor the right program for them. Get in touch with our friendly team of experienced tutors to discover more about our online tutoring services.

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