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Learn French from home

  • Small group online classes

  • Led by elite private tutors

  • Structured course format

  • For adult beginners

"My teacher is patient and explains the grammar points I find difficult very well. We did many papers together and went through all my mistakes so I learnt from them. Overall, he just really improved my quality of French writing. He considerably improved my accent by devoting ten to 15 minutes of each lesson to conversation."

-French A-level student

Learn from the experts:

  • Live conversation practice with expert French speakers

  • Engaging learning material

  • 1:1 digital access to instructors for extra support

  • Easy-to-use platform

"My daughter's teacher has a very thoughtful & patient manner. He made an across the board positive impact - be it grammar points, introducing good structures to improve the quality of writing & devoting effort to improving her accent. He provided interesting resources to trigger interest in the subject."

-Parent of a French secondary student

Course Information

  • 1-hour classes held 6pm Wednesday, 1pm Saturday

  • 2-10 learners per class

  • £80 / 5 classes 

  • £150 / 10 classes

  • £275 / 20 classes

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