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Our Origins

Our Tutors


Our tutors are our most important asset. Without their knowledge, dedication, and professionalism, nothing would be possible. Our private home tutors and teachers include specialists in all subjects, including Maths, English, Science, History, Modern Languages, and all other subjects taught in schools or universities. We also have specialist private tutors for entrance exams such as the 11+ and 13+.

All of our tutors are carefully selected, and only around 15% of those who apply to work with us are accepted into our network. We expect all tutors to have at least one year's experience of one-to-one, private tuition; a 2:1 degree from a good--Russell Group or equivalent--university; and a passion and dedication for their subjects and for the art of spreading knowledge. 

While this is the minimum, most of our tutors go way beyond this. Many are full-time teachers at the UK's leading independent schools, who tutor in their spare time. Others, like our founders, are professional tutors who have made one-to-one tuition their career, valuing the focus and personal transformation they are able to bring to students' lives. Still others are or have been professors at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard, and bring decades' of experience teaching students one-to-one in these elite educational settings. 

The application process works as follows:

    1. Tutors apply to us, providing their educational background, tutoring CV, and full documentation including Enhanced DBS. Tutors are expected to commit to tutoring for at least one year.

    2. If these are satisfactory, we invite them to an interview. Prospective tutors teach a sample lesson during their              interviews, and this is expected to be engaging, interactive, and inspiring, as well as showing detailed knowledge of    curricula and exam specifications.


We are well aware that it is impossible to prove you are good tutor on paper, which is why we ask all of our tutors to demonstrate this personally.

We believe that this ensures we work only with the most capable tutors, and we are very proud of the tutors we represent.

Our Monitoring

We monitor the progress of each and every tuition programme very closely. Each client is assigned a member of our team as their personal Education Consultant. Our consulting team are also current or former tutors and bring this experience to bear in tracking your or your child's progress. 

At the beginning of a course of tuition, your personal education consultant will be in touch to understand the exact kind of support you or your children need and the kind of tutor who would be best able to help. Your consultant will carefully select a tutor or tutors who match your exact requirements, and will send you a full profile, including their experience, qualifications, approach to teaching, and availability. We usually propose a short-list of two or three tutors and allow you to make the final choice. You will have the chance to ask further questions about the tutors recommended.

Once you have made your choice, your consultant will confirm the tuition and send you the tutor’s contact details. At this point, your tutor will contact you ahead of the first lesson to talk through your child’s education plan. Your consultant will follow up to find out how the first session went, and in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied we can find an alternative tutor. Your tutor will send regular reports covering your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations on at least a monthly basis. You can also contact your consultant at any time if you would like any further support or advice.

About: About

Threshold Education was founded by a full-time tutor and graduate of the University of Cambridge, Dhananjay Talwar. 

Convinced that he could be improved through greater dedication and involvement from professional tutors, he hit on the idea of Threshold Education.

Dhananjay Talwar, a full-time tutor, and an expert in language learning, set about developing a private tutoring agency fit for the digital age. 


Our Philosophy

Threshold Education is about opening doors. Our organisation is based on two core beliefs:

1. That any learner can achieve their goals with the right support and enough effort.

2. That education opens doors for learners both in terms of career prospects and in life as a whole.

We have noticed over the years that when a student is having problems, it is almost never innate ability that is holding them back. It is true that some students may need to invest more time and effort to grasp a concept than others, but this should not be a barrier to achievement. Usually, it is the way a student has been taught that limits their achievement. Private tuition overcomes this problem by adapting the delivery to the student's exact needs and learning style.

There is all too often a perceived trade-off between pursuing one's interests and advancing a career. We believe that education can do both at the same time. The future of work will be more and more about flexibility and adaptability, with most of today's young people likely to change careers many times during their working lives, and even to find themselves in jobs that don't yet exist. The analytic skills that you learn in any field will be of enduring value.

On that basis, education can both build-up your portfolio of marketable skills while also opening the door to greater enjoyment and appreciation of life, being the foundation of true personal freedom, in line with the old ideal of a liberal education. 

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