Schools Entrance

Starting as young as seven, children aiming for places at independent or grammar schools face a series of complicated exams and interviews which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Threshold Education's tutors have an exceptional track record of success in preparing students for these exams. They provide a range of support including:

  • interview training

  • exam preparation

  • advice on finding the right school for your child. 


As the majority of our tutors have worked with the UK's leading private schools, they are ideally placed to help your child gain a coveted place.

Outdoors Tutoring
We can help prepare students for the following exams:

  • 7+

  • 8+

  • 11+ (including pre-tests and entrance tests)

  • 13+ (Common Entrance)


  • 16+


Here is a list of some of the schools at which our tutors have helped children gain places in recent years:


Eton College


Godolphin & Latymer

Harrow School

Latymer Upper

St Paul's School (Girls and Boys)

University College School

Westminster School

Wycombe Abbey