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private tutoring

Our Approach


We meet you

Before we match a student with a tutor, we first have to be certain that we completely understand their requirements. We generally carry out consultation over the phone, though it may sometimes take place at our office.

Since our students vary hugely in their needs, we make sure that the objectives of each tutoring placement are well-established, so that they can be monitored and reviewed in future. 

Where necessary, we will arrange for the student to be assessed before tuition begins. This helps the student or parents to set achievable goals, and allows us to produce a thorough report on the student's strengths and weaknesses against which progress can be measured.


We select your tutor


The selection of tutors is an intricate matter. Every student has their own personality, learning styles, and motivations. They may respond best to different tutors. 

We know each of our tutors personally. We ensure that we offer the student or parent a shortlist of tutors that we believe are ideally suited to their needs. The final choice of tutor though is yours.



We help you

Having gained a comprehensive overview of the student's goals and needs during the consultation, we can then monitor progress in great detail.

Tutors submit reports after each lesson detailing what was covered and how the student performed. We also provide a detailed report at the end of each month covering the forms of assessment used, the student's achievements and areas they need to work on in the future, and the focus for the next month.

Students and parents have found that our regular reporting provides peace of mind and ensures they are never in the dark about their progress.

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