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How to Make Tutoring Sessions Fun and Engaging!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It’s no secret that students learn best when they’re enjoying themselves. The advantage of private tutoring sessions, as opposed to the school environment, is that you can make sessions much more personalised. This ultimately helps to engage the student at a far greater level than they may find in a classroom.

If you’re looking for some ways to make your tutoring session fun and engaging, you’re in the right place. Here at Threshold Education, we have years of online tutoring and homeschooling tutoring experience and have put together some top tips on how to educate learners in the most enjoyable and engaging way possible.


Interaction is a vital part of any fun and engaging tutoring session. After all, they’re on an online lesson, not an online lecture, so talking too much is a failsafe way to make your student switch off. Make sure they have plenty of opportunities to interact with the topic and get involved - encourage them to ask questions, share their own ideas, and form opinions.

This won’t just make your lesson more engaging, it will allow their confidence to flourish.

Games and quizzes

Using games is a great way to make your online tutoring sessions exciting and make sure your student is engaged. Even learners who are usually reluctant to study should love games because it will simply feel like fun. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to incorporate games into your lesson with educational apps like Kahoot, which allow you to put together fantastic games based on your topic.

Quizzes are also an excellent way to engage and educate because they allow students to revise different topics and reinforce their knowledge, all whilst having fun. Yep, online lessons can be all fun and games!

Short videos

Nothing grabs the attention of students like short video clips, so adding a few to your online lessons is a great way to engage them. Relevant clips of fact-based dramas or documentaries are often the best way to bring a topic to life and thanks to YouTube and other video sites, finding appropriate clips is super easy.

It’s also a great idea to show a few clips from news reports to help your students understand why the topic is relevant to real life.

Mix it up

Make sure each tutoring session is different to keep things fun and interesting. Even if two online lessons are dealing with similar topics, they shouldn’t be the same because when there’s too much routine, it’ll become monotonous and students will switch off.

However, this doesn’t just ring true for different lessons because even within one lesson, you should mix it up to keep things engaging. To make sure your online lesson is fun, we recommend filling it with several short activities instead of one or two long ones. This way, you’ll eliminate the potential of your student becoming bored and deliver lessons that are always engaging.

Enjoy yourself and be positive

Most importantly, make sure you let yourself have fun during the online tutoring session because your enjoyment will rub off on your student. No matter what you’re teaching, a little enthusiasm will go a long way - an animated voice and big smile will add a little sparkle to even the driest topic. Similarly, you should remain positive throughout. Even if you’re dealing with a really tricky equation or difficult topic, keeping a can-do attitude will help your student’s confidence grow.

Get support from Threshold Education

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to make up for some lost time, our private tutors can offer tailored academic support and subject-specific guidance.

At Threshold Education we work to ensure that your child receives the best possible experience, drawing on our wealth of knowledge as educators and as one-to-one tutors, whether that is in-person or online — simply fill out an enquiry form to get the ball rolling.

We’re a private tutoring and homeschooling company in London with a team of experienced tutors that specialise in Maths, English, Modern Languages, and every subject in between - if it’s taught in schools or universities, we have a tutor for it!

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