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The idea of home schooling your children can be daunting, but it may be the best thing for your child and their education. At Threshold Education we work to ensure that your child receives the best possible home schooling experience, drawing on our wealth of knowledge as educators and as one-to-one tutors, whether that is in-person or online.


We match students with the right private tutor for them so that they can find a homeschooling tutor they trust and who can bring out the best in your child. Each tutor will specifically tailor a home schooling programme for your child’s unique needs. They are created to ensure that your child can achieve their learning goals, thrive intellectually and develop the confidence needed to be an independent learner. We also provide preparation for national exams like SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate.


Each child is unique, and we believe that the way they are taught should be unique too. Given the right environment, we are certain that all students can thrive, grow and develop a true love for learning.

What are the benefits of home schooling?

Many schools with large classrooms find it difficult to cater to the unique needs of each student. You may find your child is staring out of the window, bored, as the teacher explains a concept that they already know. Or, they’ll be doodling instead of listening, because the subject is too complicated for them to understand straight away.


Home schooling is one of the best ways to ensure your child is engaged in class and that their specific educational needs are being met. Each child is different, and each child has a preferred way of learning. At Threshold Education, our home schooling tutors work to create an innovative, exciting learning environment that will not only help them learn but also foster a life-long love of education.

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Regardless of the reasons for home schooling your child, at Threshold Education, we are passionate about providing a


personalised, creative and engaging educational experience for your child.

Although home schooling provides your child with extra support and innovative teaching techniques from a private tutor, you may want to opt for homeschooling for a number of different reasons:

  • Your child wants to pursue a career in sports, music or the arts

  • Your child has Special Educational Needs that are not met at school

  • Your child needs to stay home because of an injury or an illness

  • Your child has relocated from a different country and needs time to adapt Your child has had problems within a school setting

  • You may be travelling extensively with your child and cannot put him in school

  • You want your child to focus on passing an exam at home

How does home education work?

Before we start anything, we spend some time getting to know you and your child for a deeper understanding of your situation. Once we have a better grasp of your child’s unique needs, preferences and learning goals, we will be able to recommend the right tutor for you. Then, we can work together to personalise the home schooling experience according to what would work best for you.


Below we’ve listed some of the home schooling elements we’ll clarify between you and your education consultant, but they are all flexible; you can work with your tutor to establish the best home schooling environment for your child.


We will find a home schooling tutor that is right for your child’s needs, as well as being available at the times you have requested. Don’t worry if any unexpected changes are needed: our teaching schedules are not rigid, giving you the complete freedom to switch the timetable table up if needed, subject to the availability of our tutors.


We know how much you care about your child and their education. We send out daily reports as standard, but in your consultation you can establish the frequency and manner of reporting you prefer.


It can be difficult for your child to see a set structure in a home schooling environment, so we establish goals in the consultation. This way, there is always something to strive for. Our tutors also provide regular reviews to check your child’s progress and ensure they are on track to reach their goals.


Each child is different, so their breaks will be different too. Some children prefer one, long break, whereas others thrive on several shorter breaks throughout the class. We will establish these in the consultation, but as ever, these are flexible depending on what works best for your child.

Why learn at home with Threshold?

As one of the leading private tutor companies in the UK, we have a wealth of experience with home schooling. Our tutors are specialists in their field and have a minimum of two years of tutoring experience - although many have been teaching for decades - and use tried and tested methods to help their students achieve academic success.


Our private tutors use innovative and engaging methods to present new information, allow time for practice to consolidate understanding, and then allow them to apply the knowledge on their own.


This teaching method is extremely effective in helping children understand, remember, and be able to apply complex concepts in both academic and general environments, but it is, unfortunately, one that is not always replicated in schools with large classrooms.


Choosing home schooling with Threshold Education means you’ll be giving your child the best possible start, whatever their future holds!


How much does home schooling cost?

The price of home schooling will vary depending on what kind of tutor you choose and how many people you want to be tutored at once.

  • One-to-one tutor

    From £40/hour - this is the minimum price. More experienced tutors will charge more for their services

    From £40/hour

  • Senior tutor

    From £75/hour - These tutors will be specialists in their subjects, and are often teachers at leading independent schools and/or PhD/Masters holders in their subject.

    From £75/hour

  • Group tuition

    Home schooling can be done in groups, either with siblings or with other students in the area. The price will vary depending on the number of students, from £23/hour each for two children to £5.75/hour each for 10 children.

    From £23/hour each for two children to £5.75/hour each for 10 children.

Adam A

Online (Manchester)

I have been tutoring privately for five years at a range of leading agencies, and I am undertaking my PGCE in September 2020. I have studied pharmacy and have worked in all areas of the healthcare industry, including management; the pharmaceutical read more


I have over four years' teaching experience helping students achieve top grades. I am a Biological Sciences graduate from Imperial College London and I am passionate about helping students achieve their best, both in GCSEs and A Levels and in gaining read more

Afsan A

Alexander B

Tower Hill

qualified teacher, I have been tutoring and teaching for three years. I graduated from Durham University with a 2:1 in Biology. I then went on to do my teacher training at Oxford University and am now studying part-time for a Master’s in Wildlife Biology read more

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