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Languages Tuition


We offer tuition in modern and classical languages at all levels, from primary through to degree level. Exams we frequently help with include:

We can help with the following languages:

  • Arabic (classical and modern)

  • French

  • German

  • Greek (ancient and modern)

  • English as a foreign language

  • Italian

  • Latin

  • Languages of the Indian Sub-Continent

  • Mandarin

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese 

This is not an exhaustive list, so please reach out if your target language isn't there!

Our Language Tutors

Below are profiles of just a few of our language tutors.

Dhananjay T

Dhananjay T pic.jpg

University of Westminster: MA Translation and Interpreting (2017)

University of Cambridge: MA Modern and Medieval Languages (French and Italian) (2:1) (2015)
St Paul's School: A-Levels in Economics, French, Mathematics, and Italian (A*A*AA)


I am a co-founder of Threshold Education and have worked as a professional tutor for five years, teaching a variety of students of different ages and levels. I have used my unique expertise and knowledge of languages to help many students achieve the top grades, particularly at GCSE and A Level.


I have knowledge of the following languages (in addition to English):
French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi (native or near-native); 

Mandarin, Russian, Romanian (advanced);

Ancient/Modern Greek, Latin, Hungarian, German (intermediate)

My philosophy is that flexibility is at the absolute core of delivering successful tuition. That, as well as sheer determination to get the student(s) to their objective, including through designing tailor-made plans and entire exam technique guides for particular exam boards, is what has made me a successful tutor. I always seek to make my lessons enjoyable and interactive, and to instil in the student(s) some of the immense passion and enthusiasm I have for my subjects.

"He meticulously prepares each lesson targeting all areas of the curriculum systematically. He also has a very thoughtful & patient manner. He made an across the board positive impact - be it grammar points, introducing good structures to improve the quality of writing & devoting effort to improving her accent. He provided interesting resources to trigger interest in the subject & spent a lot of time on practice papers nearer the examination. Dhananjay is a talented linguist and gifted student academically. He has deep subject knowledge - I would recommend him highly as a tutor.”
Investment Director at Investec Asset Management and parent of a French student

Sophie M

Sophie M pic.jpg

University of Westminster, MA Linguistics (1st) (2001)
Universite du Littoral, BA Linguistics (1st) (1997)

I am a qualified teacher and a native French speaker with twenty-one years' experience teaching privately. As well as French, I teach English Literature, Spanish, Latin, and History.

I believe that, when it comes to learning, everything is possible. I think that not everyone learns the same way, so I try to adapt to the students. I'm flexible and patient. I will ask the student what their aim is and will do my best for them to achieve it--they need to be ready to put some work in!

Over the last few weeks, since mid-March 2020, I've acquired a lot of online teaching experience with my students from beginner to advanced levels. It has definitely been intensive but efficient training!

"Sophie is enthusiastic about languages and interacting with people from all backgrounds - her network truly spans the globe! She is competent in language instruction and translation, but it is her openness and genuineness that really sets her apart. It is a pleasure working with her."
Bonnie Foley-Wong, London

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