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Terms and Conditions for Tutors



1.      Definitions


1.1  Client: This is the person with overall responsibility for paying and arranging tuition. Usually a family and a parent within the family. In some circumstances this also means the Student.

1.2  Student: This is the person who receives private tuition.

1.3  Opportunities and Opportunities for Work: prospective engagements for the provision of private tuition to Clients and Students of Threshold Education whether offered verbally over the phone, by e-mail or by text message.

1.4  Acceptance of an Opportunity: agreeing to take on an Opportunity or Opportunity for Work either verbally over the phone, or in writing.


 2.        Tuition and Work Opportunities:

2.1  The offer of Work Opportunities

2.1.1  Threshold Education will offer Tutors suitable opportunities to conduct private tuition and teaching with our Clients.

2.1.2  Threshold Education is under no obligation to offer Tutors any work opportunities.

2.1.3  Tutors are under no obligation to accept any opportunity. However, acceptance of an opportunity is considered as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2.1.4  On acceptance of an opportunity (either in writing or verbally over the telephone) The parties agree that tutors will conduct themselves in accordance with these terms and conditions and to behave in a way which does not bring Threshold Education into disrepute.

2.1.5  On acceptance of an opportunity, Threshold Education will provide to Tutors the contact details of a Client and will provide to Clients the contact details of the relevant Tutor.

2.1.6  The parties agree to provide services to the best of their abilities and cease when requested to by clients. The Fee may not be changed after an Opportunity has been accepted except at the agreement of all parties.


2.1.7  The parties agree that it is the Tutor’s responsibility to anticipate the amount of preparatory work a given opportunity will involve, and to address any doubts about the exact requirements of a role before accepting the opportunity.


2.2.  The provision of Private Tuition. The parties agree that:


2.2.1  Tutors will provide Private Tuition to the high standards expected by Threshold Education and our Clients, entailing that:

2.2.2  Tutors will be fully prepared to teach their Students for each lesson.

2.2.3  Tutors are expected to arrive promptly for lessons at the arranged time.

                        2.2.4  Tutors are expected to arrive well presented.

2.2.5  If requested by a Client, Tutors will keep the same time available for lessons each week.


2.2.6  The exact hours of tuition are to be agreed by the Tutor and the Client directly. Tutors are responsible for communicating with clients about scheduling lessons.

2.2.7  In the event that a Client has requested a set number of hours of private tuition it is the tutors’ responsibility to ensure they do not exceed the maximum number of hours requested. Any maximum number of hours will be communicated to you either verbally over the telephone or in writing. Tutors must not expect payment should they exceed the maximum number of hours and it is their responsibility to ensure they have this information from Threshold Education.

2.2.8  Tuition may also take place over Skype, Bramble, Zoom or other similar online platform, as agreed to by the parties.   Any online tuition will follow the same T&Cs as face-to-face tuition. The parties agree that the Tutor should be logged in and waiting online in advance of the agreed lesson time, fully prepared, and should act in a way as to not bring Threshold Education into disrepute. If requested, Threshold Education can supply the Tutor with a guide to online tuition.   The parties agree that, during the entire length of the online lesson, the Tutor should be the only person using, observing or able to see their computer screen; and that online tuition will be conducted in a confidential and one-to-one fashion, unless the lesson in question is a group lesson.



2.3.  Reporting on courses of Private Tuition


2.3.1  Tutors are expected to be available to discuss Students’ progress in depth with Threshold Education.

2.3.2  The parties agree that Tutors will provide written reports on the Student’s progress to Clients when requested.

2.4.  Lesson Cancellations and Rearrangements


2.4.1. Cancellations by Tutors   The parties agree that, if a Tutor cancels a lesson within 24 hours they will compensate compensate the client by providing the next lesson for free.   This policy may be waived due to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness, personal emergencies etc.) where this is reasonable.   If lessons are cancelled, alternative dates or times should be provided   In the event of a cancellation or rearrangement it is the Tutor’s responsibility to contact the Client and make the arrangements. If a Tutor has difficulty in contacting the Client, Tutors may contact Threshold Education and ask for their assistance; however, Threshold Education takes no responsibility for ensuring that contact is made within the 24-hour period.


2.4.2      Clients Cancelling Lessons   The parties acknowledge that clients will be liable to pay for lessons in full if they are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, and Tutors will be paid for the lessons.

                 Tutors may waive this right in response to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness, personal emergencies etc) to safeguard their relationship with the Client.

                 The parties agree that, should a client cancel a lesson within 24 hours, the tutor will inform Threshold Education in writing no more than 24 hours afterwards.   A cancellation with more than 24 hours’ notice may be made by the Client directly or by Threshold Education, verbally over the phone, by e-mail by text message or by voicemail. The parties agree that they will all have daily access to e-mail and their telephone in order to ensure timely communication.


2.5           Termination of Tuition

2.5.1         Termination of tuition by the Client   Clients are able to terminate tuition by giving 24 hours’ notice.


3.  Billing, Timesheets and Payments

3.1  Timesheets

3.1.1  The parties agree that for each lesson completed, tutors will fill in an online timesheet ("Record of Services Rendered")

3.1.2  Tutors should record lessons on TutorCruncher   Clients are charged on a weekly billing cycle, each Saturday.   Should written reports be required, these should be submitted at the same time as timesheets. Tutors should keep a copy of timesheets for their own records.


3.2  Payments

3.2.1  Payments to Tutors will take place each week. Payments to Tutors are made once payment from a Client has been received for the lessons in question. 

3.2.2  The parties agree that Threshold Education has the responsibility to chase late payments from Clients.

                 Threshold Education is not responsible for any lost earnings a Tutor might incur through the non-payment of a Client.

 3.2.3  [2] The Parties agree that Threshold Education will be responsible for chasing late payments from clients.

3.2.4  Payment Rates  Tuition fees

                             Tutors receive a rate agreed on a case-by-case basis.  Travel charges Travel costs (both time and expenses) are included in the hourly rate within London. The parties agree that, outside London, travel expenses will be reimbursed on submission of a valid receipt or mileage statement, and this should be agreed by the Client in advance.   The parties agree that other expenses including teaching resources may be charged to the Client if they agree.


4.  Personal Information and the General Data Protection Regulation

4.1  The parties agree that Tutors will indemnify us and keep us fully indemnified at all times for any claims, losses or other expenses of any nature whatsoever arising under this Agreement or the services Tutors provide to Clients or as a result of their breach of the Agreement. Tutors’ details will be held in accordance with the GDPR and other legislation and regulations. A full Privacy Policy may be found here:


4.2  Tutors may ask us for a copy of their personal information at any time. Tutors’ personal information will be held so that we may provide services to Clients and for administration purposes and we will not disclose it to third parties unless we are subject to a business transfer or we must disclose information in accordance with a court order or legal requirement.


4.3  As a result of activities under this Agreement, Tutors will obtain confidential information about us and our Clients and Tutors undertake to keep such information confidential. The parties agree that they will not disclose it to third parties unless Tutors are required to do so by law or court order.


5.      General


5.1. The parties agree that these terms & conditions may be changed at any time by mutual consent.


5.2  These terms and conditions constitute the Agreement between us for the supply of tutoring services by us to the Client and are deemed to be accepted by Tutors by virtue of signing these Terms and Conditions or accepting opportunities for work.


5.3  Unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Threshold Education, this Agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between us and shall prevail over any other terms of business or conditions put forward by Tutors.


5.4  No variation or alteration of this Agreement shall be valid unless approved by both parties.


5.5  The fulfilment of these terms of supply is decided at the discretion of the Directors of Threshold Education.


5.6  This Agreement is governed by the law of England and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

5.7  The parties agree that Threshold Education may confirm that the Tutor has the full legal right to work in the UK as a self-employed contractor for whatever numbers of hours they subsequently agree with Threshold Education to perform for any Client.


6.  Confidentiality

6.1 The Parties accept that financial arrangements between Threshold Education and the Tutor remain confidential and should not be discussed by either Party with the Client


6.2 The Parties also accept that financial arrangements between Threshold Education and its Clients should not be discussed with Tutors.


6.2  The Parties accept that neither the Tutor should not make make alternative arrangements for the Tuition services for any course of Tuition facilitated through Threshold Education, or any further Tuition services provided by the Tutor to the Client in London for six months after the end of Tuition.


6.4 The Parties accept that if a Client refers or recommends a Tutor to another Client in London within six months of the start of a course of tuition, this work should also be carried out through Threshold Education.


7.  The obligations of the Client

7.1 The Parties note that the client is liable under a separate contract to:

7.1.2  Pay all invoices within one week of issuance, including Cancellation Fees for any lessons cancelled within 24 hours.

7.2 Maintain confidentiality by not discussing the financial arrangements made between Threshold Education and the Client with the Tutor or any other party.

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