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Terms and Conditions for Tutoring Clients

Definitions and Interpretation

Threshold Education: A business trading as Threshold Education

Client: The party requesting Tuition. This is assumed to be the individual who initially contacts Threshold Education unless otherwise stated.

Lesson: A period during which the Tutor provides Tuition for the Client, for which the Client will pay the Tutor.

Lesson Fee: Amount charged for a Lesson made up of the Tuition Fee and the Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses: Amount charged for the Tutor’s travel to and from a Lesson

Tuition: Any service supplied by a Tutor which has been requested by the Client.

Tuition Fee: Amount charged for Tuition during a lesson.

Tutor: The party engaged by the Client to provide Tuition through Threshold Education.


If you, the Client, request Tuition with a Tutor introduced to you by Threshold Education, then you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions stated below:


A. Lesson Cancellation

  • If the Client cancels an arranged Lesson less than 24 hours before the Lesson is due to begin, for a reason other than an accident or an emergency, then the Client shall be liable to pay a cancellation fee amounting to the full cost of that Lesson. 

  • If the Tutor cancels an arranged Lesson less than 24 hours before the Lesson is due to begin, for a reason other than an accident or an emergency, then the Client is entitled to ask that a subsequent Lesson, up to the same duration, be offered by the Tutor for free, unless an alternative agreement has been made between the Client and the Tutor.


B. Payment

  • The Client shall pay the Lesson Fee when requested by the Tutor through an invoice.


  • The Tutor will issue invoices for their services, but Threshold education will send all invoices to the Client on behalf of the Tutor. The amount of the invoice will be the sum of several Lesson Fees. The Client must pay the full amount of the invoice on or before the due date on the invoice, which will be seven days after the date of issuance.


  • In the case of a lesson fee dispute, the hourly lesson fee, confirmed when the Tutor's details were sent to the client, will be used.


  • Clients will also pay Travel Expenses amounting to the full cost of travel to and from the address where tuition is taking place, by the fastest route via public transport or via private car, if the location is outside Travel Zones 1 & 2 of London and this has been confirmed with the Client before tuition begins.


  • Clients may pay other costs incurred by a Tutor in the course of tuition, such as the purchase of textbooks and learning materials, but only when agreed in advance on a case-by-case basis.


  • Clients will also pay a one-off sign up fee on first engaging Threshold Education, when these terms are agreed to, unless Threshold Education waives this requirement.


C. Exclusivity


  • The Client will not discuss financial arrangements with the Tutor at any time except concerning specific expenses occurred during tuition.


  • Neither the Client nor the Tutor may make alternative arrangements for the Tuition services for any course of Tuition arranged through Threshold Education, or any further tuition or educational consulting services provided by the Tutor to the Client for six months after the end of the course of Tuition.


  • The Client will not make any payment of any kind to the Tutor except through official invoices sent by Threshold Education.


  • If a Client refers or recommends a Tutor to another Client within 12 months of the start of a course of Tuition, this work must also be carried out through Threshold Education.

D. Termination of Tuition


  • Clients may terminate tuition by giving 24 hours’ notice.​


  • Tutors may terminate tuition with a Client with a minimum of two weeks' notice. This notice period is to ensure that there is adequate time to find a new Tutor and for the Tutors to brief the new Tutor fully on the progress of tuition.​


  • Threshold Education reserves the right to waive the two week notice period with the agreement of the Client and Tutor if we feel it is in the interest of the Client.

E. Miscellaneous

  • Threshold Education reserves the right to request that a Tutor stop arranging Lessons with the Client at any time.


  • The Client shall not engage the Tutor without the consent and knowledge of Threshold Education.


  • On request, the Client must disclose to Threshold Education details of each Lesson given by the Tutor.


  • No variation or alteration of this Agreement shall be valid unless approved in writing by a Director of Threshold Education.


  • This Agreement is governed by the law of England and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

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