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Transition Smoothly From Public School To Homeschooling

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Moving your children out of public school and introducing them to the world of homeschooling can be a daunting task. With a new setting, new learning materials, a new syllabus, and even new teachers, it’s safe to say that there will be lots for them to get used to.

Here are our homeschooling tips to make the transition easier…

Be honest, open and communicative with your kids

Starting homeschooling is a time of change for everyone in the family, but most of all your kids. If they’ve been at school for a few years or more, then they will be used to seeing their friends every day. They’ll be in tune with the rhythm of the school day and associate that environment with learning.

More than ever now is a crucial time to involve your kids in the conversation and embrace this new way of learning together. Involve them with your homeschooling plans, ask for their opinions, make sure you answer their questions, and importantly, address their concerns.

If one of the reasons you decided to switch to homeschooling was to achieve a greater level of autonomy with your children’s education, then seize the chance to gain a good understanding of their interests and hopes for learning from home.

When is the best time to start homeschooling?

While there is no objective ‘right time’ to start homeschooling, there may be a good time for you and your child.

Are they nearing the end of the school year? Perhaps they’d like to finish it before switching to learning from home. Are they enjoying a few subjects they’re learning about at the moment? Maybe they’d like to complete these studies and stay until the end of term. Do they have lots of friends? Maybe they’d like a few more weeks with them at school.

On the other hand, are you ready to start homeschooling as a parent? Though you’ll inevitably learn many home teaching skills as you go along, it’s best to start as prepared as possible.

The best time to withdraw from school is a personal decision, so don’t feel constrained to wait until the end of the year. A smooth homeschooling transition means your child leaving at a time that’s right for them.

Give your child time to adjust

It may take your child a little while to adjust to not going to school every day. This is normal! Take it day by day and make tweaks to your schedule if needed. Let your child know that they can share their thoughts and feelings about this new arrangement with you. If some things aren’t working, you are always free to change them.

Likewise, if your child is missing certain parts of the school like seeing friends and talking to different teachers, there are some solutions to consider. Letting your child join some new clubs and activities is a great way for them to still socialise with their peers. Plus, you could consider signing them up for tutoring sessions to add some variation to your teaching.

Homeschooling tutors will be able to provide your child with in-person or online lessons. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t have time to teach your child every day or don’t feel confident teaching your child every subject.

Threshold Education homeschooling tutors

Threshold Education is one of London’s leading private tutoring agencies. If you’re looking for some extra support with your homeschooling lessons, we’ll be able to pair your child with an experienced tutor who has an in-depth knowledge of their subject area. We pride ourselves on finding you the perfect tutor. Get in touch to learn more.

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