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5 Signs Your Child Needs a Maths Tutor & How to Choose the Right One

Maths is a core subject in most curriculums. Strong maths skills put students in good stead for solving all kinds of problems in the future, as well as ensuring they progress to further or higher education. If you’re wondering whether or not your child would benefit from a maths tutor, here are some signs to look out for...

Signs Your Child May Need a Maths Tutor

Your child is struggling to keep up in their maths classes

Is your child falling behind in school? This is the most common reason parents seek tuition. Additional help means your child can catch up without feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed in class. As well as supporting their academic skills, tuition can help them develop self-confidence and feel more motivated.

They have progressed further than the rest of their class

Perhaps your child whizzes through their homework and feels bored. They may find that the rest of the class is progressing at a slower pace. Private tuition can offer the opportunity to further their skills, learning more complex mathematical concepts they can’t access at school yet.

They enjoy maths and want to learn more

Does your child have a passion for maths? If they enjoy the subject and want to progress further, extra tuition is a great way to support them.

Travelling to a learning centre is challenging

Perhaps you’d like to take your child to extra classes but have a jam-packed schedule or cannot travel to a learning centre. Hiring a maths tutor who can visit your home or an online maths tutor means your child can access support at a time that’s convenient for the whole family.

Your child has a unique learning style

Every child learns differently, of course. However, in big classes, teachers can’t always cater precisely to each individual’s needs. If your child learns particularly well in visual or auditory ways, for example, then finding an approach that embraces this can help them come on leaps and bounds. Working one-to-one, a maths tutor can get to know your child and develop specific learning strategies.

It’s worth noting that even if your child is doing well in their maths classes, a few booster tuition sessions could still be useful.

If they are due to sit their A-Level or GCSE maths (or science) exams in the near future, a maths tutor will be able to assist with any problem areas that they are still struggling with. Likewise, some targeted sessions might help your child feel more confident about taking an upcoming entrance exam for their dream school.

Do I need a maths tutor?

If you’re still unsure whether or not hiring a maths tutor is a good idea, it’s best to speak to your child to see how they feel. You may also wish to chat with their teacher to get more of an idea of the specific aspects of tuition that could help.

A maths tutor can tailor lessons to give your child support in the areas they need and offer detailed feedback.

Should I get an in-person or online tutor?

Both in-person and online tuition can be worthwhile. The COVID-19 pandemic led to many pupils seeking online maths tutors. Although many restrictions have been lifted, many people have found that online lessons are the most efficient and convenient learning method.

With online tuition, your child can access learning resources outside of lesson times and may find interactive digital tools more engaging. Plus, online tutoring services can remain in place if circumstances change. Best of all, online tuition means that we can match your child with a specialist who has the most relevant expertise, wherever they are in the world.

However, some students may prefer learning in person as they can build more of a rapport with their tutor. They may also be able to get direct answers more quickly.

It’s best to think about your household’s lifestyle and speak to your child to determine whether an in-person or online maths tutor is best.

Get support from Threshold Education

At Threshold Education, we can help you find the most suitable maths tutor for your needs — whether that’s in-person or online. As one of London’s leading private tutoring agencies, we aim to pair you with an experienced tutor who will help your child thrive.

If you’re considering hiring a maths tutor, why not get in touch to discuss your options with one of our consultants?

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These signs are applied for all the subjects like my son is having problems with economics so i prefer hiring a home tutor for economics who helped my son to grow well in that subject.

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