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How the Pandemic Has Affected the Way Students Learn

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted school students at every age and stage of learning. But how exactly has it affected the way that students learn?

COVID-19 and Online Education

Around 1.6 billion students across 200 countries had their studies disrupted due to the pandemic. While most students previously only ever had to experience the upheaval caused by sick days and teacher shortages, it’s no understatement to say that a global pandemic presented a whole new challenge.

Reports maintain that while reading performance amongst younger students hasn’t been affected as much as experts were anticipating, students have certainly suffered in areas like maths.

The impacts of learning in a COVID-19 world can’t be known entirely (after all, there are many factors to account for). There’s one thing that we do know, however: students have rapidly adapted to learning online.

Of course, an online classroom can never be a complete substitute for a real classroom — where children gain crucial social skills that are just as important as academics! However, it’s fantastic that this technologically-savvy generation has managed to embrace different ways of learning at a very tumultuous time.

While we should all be supporting children to settle back into their schools and make the most of in-person classes and clubs, we now know that most students are very familiar with online learning — making it a valuable source of supplementary support.

Hybrid Learning

Schools will likely feel more comfortable embracing a form of hybrid learning (combining in-class and remote lessons) after over a year of Zoom and online portals. Plus, from a tutoring viewpoint, we’re already aware of the great benefits that online learning can provide.

At Threshold Education, we’re able to match students with the best teachers for them, wherever they are in the world. And as students can simply jump online for their lessons, parents don’t need to worry about fitting their child’s tutoring into their schedules.

Now that most children around the world are back at school, we’re finding that lots of them wish to use online tutoring sessions to get back on track. Having experienced online learning, getting to grips with having a remote tutor and using online tools has never been easier.

If your child is at a crucial stage in their education, is lacking confidence due to time away from the classroom, or wants some extra support while they apply to universities, regular tutoring sessions could be a great solution for them.

Get Support from Threshold Education

If you think your child could benefit from some extra support with their post-pandemic learning, contact us for a chat. We use interactive tools that they’ll recognise from online learning with their school, like whiteboards and Google Docs to let students and teachers write at the same time. Our professional tutors specialise in a range of subjects, from English and Languages to Maths and Sciences. Plus, we know each of our tutors personally, so we’ll ensure that your child is matched with the best tutor for their subject and learning level.

Our tutors have extensive experience delivering online lessons and are thoroughly vetted by our team in the interview process. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable within their fields, but they’ll also select the best techniques and tools to help your child reach their goals. Your child can choose between having one-on-one sessions or online classes with other students, depending on their preferences and learning needs.

Find out more about us or see our prices.

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