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Reasons to Get a Private Tutor at University

The last few years have been particularly tricky for the UK’s students, as our emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic left students video-calling into lectures and seminars from home.

Separated from their peers, their tutors and easy access to study spaces, many students struggled to get the academic support they needed. Some temporarily lost their love of learning, dropped marks in their exams or left their courses entirely. What’s more, nearly all freshers arriving at university this year will have received a hugely disrupted sixth-form education. Whether they can all keep up with the demands of their new courses remains to be seen.

For students struggling to adjust come September, there are a few options available. Increased academic support will be on offer at nearly all universities, with peer mentoring and group study sessions. Early signs also suggest an increased level of pastoral support, though demand may outstrip supply.

For those looking to really boost their academic performance, however, there’s a final option: hiring a private tutor.

Whether you’re a student, an applicant or a concerned parent, this article should give you the rundown on the benefits private tutoring can have for university students. Read on!

Specific-subject support

Take a look at the average university course’s reading list, and you’ll be struck by the sheer volume of information most students are expected to assimilate! British universities are renowned for churning out well-rounded graduates with a good grasp over most areas of a subject, with the first year or two of a course often devoted to bombarding them with content.

When it goes well, the result is broad-spectrum knowledge. But when learning is disrupted or patchy, it can leave students struggling to catch up — without a helping hand from someone in the know, at least.

A private tutor works on an individual or small-group basis to provide tailored support. They’re not reading from a crib sheet or time-limited syllabus — they’re there to meet your academic needs. So, whether you’re struggling with Fourier, Feinmann or Foucault, a private tutor can give you the leg-up you need to reach greater academic heights.

Breadth and depth

If you know you’ve got a particular area of interest, the early years of university can sometimes be a little frustrating. Many first-and-second-year courses give a good overview, but prioritise breadth over depth of knowledge. The opposite goes for those writing a dissertation in their final year, when it can be tempting to put on the blinders and forge ahead, neglecting other subject areas that might be linked to your chosen topic.

Looking to explore a specific interest, or set yourself on a research path early? A private tutor in your subject can guide you as you delve deeper into particular areas earlier than your peers. Seeking to make connections between your final-year project and the broader academic discipline? A private tutor can give you the perspective you need.

Both breadth and depth are necessary to excel academically — and either way, your tutor’s got your back.

More than just academic benefits

At school, we’re very often taught what to think — we learn facts and regurgitate them in examinations. At university, we’re very often encouraged to learn how to think, whether in general or in a specific subject area. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done!

What’s more, university throws up all kinds of surprises for every single student — academic, personal or otherwise. University is a time of highs and lows, of living in the now while planning for the future — and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.

Aside from the obvious academic benefits, a private tutor has been through the same turbulent period as you and come out of the other side smiling. Whatever your issue, they may be able to offer some wisdom, knowledge or perspective.

Get support from Threshold Education

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to make up for some lost time, our tutors can offer tailored academic support and subject-specific guidance.

Whatever your needs, objectives or budget, we can start the process of finding you a suitable tutor today — simply fill out an enquiry form to get the ball rolling.

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