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Educational Advisory

School or University Placement

​2. Recommendation - Our advisors combine a wealth of experience and knowledge of the UK's leading educational establishments. They create a short-list of a select number of suitable institutions matched to your child's profile and that fit your own requirements. Our advisory team has developed a broad network with many admissions departments, and can therefore provide up-to-date and expert advise about the various academic establishments, their staff, their curricula and the educational experience that they offer.

3. Visits and Registrations - We provide support in making initial contact with the recommended academic institutions and organising visits so that each child can explore their options in person. We specialise in completing the required administrative processes so that your family can be secure in the knowledge that your child is registered and does not miss a deadline.

4. Applications - At each step of the process, we give detailed guidance to parents and students about the various admissions criteria. Our advisers have a range of experience with entrance exams, interviews, and applications. They can also support you with preparation for entrance exams, mock interviews, submission of late applications and applications for scholarships. 

5. Review & Selection - Once offers have been made, we help you and your family make the right choice about what academic establishment to send you child too. We keep your child's profile so that we may continue to support you and your child throughout their academic journey and can provide guidance for any later stage in their educational track. 

We have previously supported students with successful entrance into leading British schools, including (but not limited to):

- Westminster 

- Eton

- Wycombe Abbey

- Winchester

- Harrow

- Charterhouse

- Tonbridge

- Sevenoaks

- St. Paul's



- King's College Canterbury 

as well as leading British universities, including (but not limited to):

- Oxford University

- Cambridge University



- Imperial


- Durham 

- St Andrew's 

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Choosing the right academic institution can be a daunting task. You need to take into consideration the institution's academic record, its location and its teaching style. We have previously supported families in placing their children at Westminster, Winchester, Harrow, Charterhouse and many others as well as Oxford and Cambridge University. We help families adequately assess their child's academic potential as well as their ability and characteristics in order make a careful selection of possible institutions. 

How do we help you make the right selection? 

  1. Assessment -  During an initial consultation, we assess your child's academic abilities, track record, and their potential. This allows us to create an educational profile that ensures that we properly match the child's unique characteristics to the suitable institution.

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