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Tutoring can be invaluable for going the extra distance in any academic pursuit. Students benefit from personalised attention from an expert in the field, whose skill and professionalism has been carefully evaluated.

Tutoring is often done on an individual basis, but we also offer small group classes for popular subjects and qualifications. This is a more affordable option for some clients, and also has the advantage of replicating a classroom setting.

We work both online and in person, and are adaptable to your requirements. Whether you are looking for weekly online lessons to prepare for an interview, or a residential teacher for full-time home-schooling, we welcome your enquiry.


Whether 7+, 11+, 13+, or Sixth Form, the UK's school sector is becoming more competitive day-by-day. On the other hand, a place at an elite university is more and more the product of merit alone. A good tutor can help pupils shine in exams and interviews to give them a competitive edge.

Outdoors Tutoring


Sometimes a tutee does not have a specific exam coming up, but would still benefit from personalised help. Here, a tutor can act as a mentor, developing confidence and a student's breadth and depth of learning outside of the school syllabus.



Success in these exams is essential for university applications, and students often suffer from problems that are hard to address in a classroom setting.  An experienced and knowledgeable tutor can enlighten the most difficult problems. We can also help with the International Baccalaureate and the Cambridge Pre U.