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Threshold Education - Online Tuition

Online Tuition

Online Tutoring

Our online tutoring services give you the opportunity to remain flexible, wherever you are, and whether you need long-term or temporary lessons. 

During COVID-19, all of our tutoring services are temporarily online, but we don't consider this a compromise!

Why have classes online?


Online tutoring allows you to have classes anytime, anywhere. Since lessons are online, we can guarantee that you continue working with the same tutor, wherever you may be. 


Technology allows your classes to be interactive, engaging and fun. With unlimited online resources, computer-based learning is quickly becoming the preferred learning tool for students, which is why they sometimes prefer classes online!


With online lessons, you won't lose your notes anymore as each session is automatically recorded and saved. This means that every class is available to review and play back in times of revision. 

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